Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Tudors—1-2

In episode two, Henry continues to defy all natural law by looking hot while wearing clothes that look like they were made out of couch upholstery.

The actual plot begins with a summit in France, where Henry and the French king are planning to sign a peace treaty. But the French king brags too much, and Henry challenges him to a wrestling match. Henry gets his ass kicked.

He's not too happy about this, but his mood is improved somewhat when he's introduced to Mary Boleyn, who drops by his bedchamber to show him some fun things she learned to do while in France.

In other political machinations, Buckingham continues to press his claim to the throne and plans to off King Henry, but Dad Boleyn rats him out to Wolsey. Buckingham is tried for treason and sentenced to death. So there's a rival to the throne out of the way.

Back in London, Mary has joined Henry as his latest mistress, since Lady Blunt is out of commission, but Henry tires of her and her French talents, so Dad Boleyn suggests to his other daughter Anne that she might want to take Mary's place in Henry's affections. Lady Blunt gives birth to a son, whom Henry recognizes as his offspring. The kid's name is Henry Fitzroy--does that mean he's the one who grows up to be a vampire?

Henry plays Funny Tennis in Pantaloons again. Apparently this is an important political activity, like golf is today.

And to round off the hour, being passed over for Pope makes Wolsey cry, Catherine prays to Mary for a son, and Henry allies with the Holy Roman Emperor to overthrow the king of France.