Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tonight's Eureka

I completely forgot Eureka was on tonight. Bad blogger, no cookie. In my defense, I had lots of second-job stuff to get done, so my focus was on something else. Anyway, thank God for the DVR. I'll watch and blog tomorrow night. Sorry!

Some News— Drive and Farscape

After scheduling and de-scheduling them twice, Fox has decided not to broadcast the last two episodes of Drive at all. Instead, they are available at www.myspace.com/driveonfox for online viewing.

Sci Fi has announced they will be doing a 10-part Farscape web series, live action. This has me kind of excited. I loved Farscape, and still haven't forgiven Sci Fi for cancelling it the way they did. With Ben Browder and Claudia Black both having been recently active with the Stargate series, I wonder if they'll be making appearances in this new incarnation of their previous (and, imo, far superior) show.