Tuesday, December 12, 2006

He's Out...No, He's In...

Holiday activities prevented me from watching anything tonight (WEEPS), much less blogging it. However, the Heroes he's gay...no, wait, he's straight...no, wait, he's not sure yet... controversy frankly has me a bit miffed. From what I saw, it was pretty clear they were developing Zach as a gay character, which I thought was cool. Now suddenly everybody involved in the show is pulling back from that. Tim Kring's response doesn't help much. He's equivocating enough that I wonder if he's afraid of losing his job if he speaks out any more firmly. Yeah, I don't blame Kring for this. And I'm not convinced it's the actor's issue, either. I'm convinced it's the suits at NBC making them pull back, because network suits, as a general rule, are tweebs. I'm sure there's an exception somewhere, but probably not at NBC. I mean, this is the network that, in spite of putting Will & Grace on the air, refused to let Will have a boyfriend for ages, and then when he did they barely smooched at all (unless it happened in the last couple of seasons, which I didn't see). They seem to want to pretend they're progressive, but they're not really willing to put it all out there.

Anyway, I could be wrong about all of this, but that's the way it looks to me. I suppose we'll see how things fall out, not that it's terribly likely we'll ever hear the whole story. In the meantime, Pffffthhh to NBC for putting the brakes on a bit of prime time diversity.