Saturday, February 24, 2007

TV Tie-Ins—Spike

This paperback compilation includes three Spike one-shot comics.

Old Times (Peter David and Fernando Goni--Impacto Studios). The story behind Cecily, the woman who inspired William the Poet's bloody awful poetry, and Halfreck, the vengeance demon, is explained. I nearly always enjoy Peter David's work, and this is no exception. It's a neat story that addresses a question fans have hammered on for years in a way that fits the show canon. And there's a darkly comic twist at the end to keep us all on our toes.

Old Wounds (Scot Tipton and Fernando Goni--Impacto Studios). A slightly darker story, as Spike must prove his innocence in a series of decades-old murders, while calling attention to Angel and the gang's hypocrisy. Set during Angel Season Five, this comic maintains the feel of the show and works on some deeper character points while maintaining canon.

Lost and Found (Scott Tipton and Fernando Goni--Impacto Studios). The Gem of Amarra resurfaces, in a not quite believable twist of plot, and Spike and Angel team up to again destroy it. The plot here felt pretty contrived, but the Spike/Angel interaction is almost worth it. Again, set during Angel Season Five.