Sunday, May 20, 2007

Robin Hood—Return of the King

As part one of the two-part season finale commences, Robin and his men react to the news that the king is returning to Nottingham. Robin mopes--when the king returns, Marian will marry Guy. Guy comes to collect Marian. She doesn't seem terribly thrilled by the news. Robin enlists help in his quest to discredit Guy based on his evidence that Guy tried to assassinate the King in the Holy Land.

Robin confronts Marian about the wedding, but Marian sticks by her decision. Marian's father intervenes. He thinks the sheriff is planning to kill the king in Nottingham, and is heading out to do something about it. Marian says she has a plan of her own, involving a last outing of the Night Watchman.

Robin and the others waylay the physician who supposedly cared for Guy during his supposed illness. He admits that Guy wasn't there during that time period, and that he covered for him.

Marian breaks into Guy's place to steal his chest o' money. Guy corners her. Robin and the others intervene and aid Marian's escape, but not before Guy stabs her. Robin tells her he has the proof he needs to discredit Guy. She's all happy, then collapses. Djaq treats Marian's wound. Robin lashes out at Marian and says she should stay home and do embroidery. Gee, Robin, and you can't figure out why she doesn't want to marry you?

Later, as Djaq and Much prepare breakfast, Djaq becomes concerned that Marian hasn't awakened. She thinks there's been more internal damage than they initially thought. Djaq does what she can, including abdominal surgery and CPR. Robin goes to fetch the physician, who rats on him to the guards. He doesn't seem to be very useful. Also he leaves a trail of bandages so the guards can find him. Robin realizes what he's done and backtracks to retrieve the bandages, but it's too late. They prepare to face the sheriff and Guy at the cave. While they prepare, the physician gloats, and informs Robin that Marian is dead.

The sheriff arrives. Robin looks balefully at the camera. And we're to be continued.

Well, I have to say I'm not too happy about this development, since Marian was the only character I felt any real attachment to. So unless they're playing some kind of big double-cross, or Robin's planning to make a deal with a Crossroad Demon, all I really have to say is weh.

Best line--Guy to Robin: "I'll think of you when I take her to the marriage bed." Yeah. I can't make this stuff up. Well, actually I can, but this time I didn't have to.