Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saving Grace and Burn Notice

I was about to give up on this show ten minutes or so in, but I decided to stick it out. I don't think this is going to be a new favorite, but I did find the premiere hour enjoyable. The premise--Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) is headed for hell, presumably for sleeping with her married partner and driving drunk. Hopefully not for slugging the obnoxious cattle baron who felt her up without her permission, because that was a good move on her part. Anyway, God sends a scruffy tobacco-chewing angel named Earl (Leon Rippy) to get her back on track. Of course she doesn't believe he's really an angel because she doesn't believe in angels. But in the end she starts to straighten up her act a bit, after slugging the cattle guy again and stealing his cow, which has markings on it that look like Jesus--no, seriosuly.

Mainstream reviewers have criticized the series' paranormal elements, i.e. Scruffy Winged Earl, but without that I wouldn't have been interested in the show at all, so I won't criticize that. Well, okay, maybe it was all a tad heavy-handed, but not nearly as heavy-handed as Bruce Almighty, which was supposed to be a light comedy, but I suppose that's another post for another blog.

In any case, not a bad show, although possibly not compelling enough for me personally to keep me tuning in. We'll see if I remember to watch it next week.

On the other hand, Burn Notice is a very fun show. I won't go into details yet, because I came in on episode two and I haven't quite sorted everyone out yet, but it interested me enough that I'll likely be huntin gup the episodes I've missed, and I've set up a pass on my DVR to catch it from here on out.

Which reminds me... I really need to clear off the DVR...