Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fall is Near!

Hard to believe summer is almost over. But that means only a few weeks until my favorite shows come back on the air. I have to admit that, aside from Dr. Who, which I've loved for ages, none of the summer shows have really captured me. Saving Grace isn't bad, but I haven't really warmed up to it the way I hoped I might. Eureka is fun but has always struck me as a bit shallow. Burn Notice I've really enjoyed, and it's come the closest to dragging me in, so that show will probably get some repeat viewings. Overall, though, I'll be happier when Bones and Supernatural and Heroes all finally return.

I'm also looking forward to some of the new fall shows, although I don't know how many I'll be able to squeeze into my already full viewing schedule. I went to see Stardust this last weekend (awesome movie, by the way), and they showed previews of Bionic Woman and Journeyman, both of which look interesting to me. I'm also very interested in seeing Viva Laughlin. So it's looking to be an interesting and entertaining fall.