Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2x01

So, as mentioned, the Season Two premiere of Friday Night Lights is up on Yahoo tv. So of course I had to watch it.

Please note: SPOILERS below.

If you watched all of Season One you know there were big changes in store for Coach Taylor, et al. The second season opens eight months after the state championship, and Coach's "defection" to TMU.

First the important stuff: Tim Riggins is still hot, and he is shirtless in the pool and later wears a sleeveless sweatshirt. High marks for that.

A couple of things bugged me in this episode, though. First, Lyla, whom I really didn't think could get any more annoying, becomes more annoying by becoming "born again." And even more self-righteous than she already was. This of course annoyed me even more because, as I've mentioned, the whole self-righteous judgmental whacko Christian stereotype peeves me quite a lot. There are plenty of Christian folk who aren't intolerable to be around. I'm sure at least a couple of them even live in Texas.

The other thing that bugged me, even more than Lyla, is the plot twist involving Tyra and Landry and Tyra's attacker from last season. It seemed like it had been transplanted from another show, where things are over-the-top. Friday Night Lights is not an over-the-top show, and this bit just didn't feel right to me at all. I hope they resolve that plot thread quickly and a bit more quietly than it was introduced.

Overall, though, I'm still feeling deep affection for this show, so I hope things continue to go well in the second season.