Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bones—The Soccer Mom in the Minivan

Okay, first of all, I am on occasion a soccer mom in a minivan, and frankly my minivan is way cooler than the one on this show. It's never blown up in a huge fireball, either.

Arriving on the scene, Bones and Booth bicker about Bones' impending prison visit with her father, then Bones gets snippy with the explosives experts about the disposition of the remains, which are seared all over the inside of the van. Eww. Thankfully, I remembered not to eat through the first part of the show this week. So, Soccer Mom is blown into bitty pieces which are being sorted at the Smithsonian. The explosives experts person is boobalicious and catches Hodgins' attention a bit too thoroughly.

Brennan goes to visit her dad in prison, during which visit they discuss a bunch of exposition so new viewers understand what's going on. Smack me with that exposition stick, baby.

Booth interrogates Mr. Nash. Zack gets to use his chewy bugs again to clean up the burned body bits. Angela works on the iconography from last week's case and Hodgins grovels to her because he's way too interested in Agent Frost with the big boobs. Angela is remarkably understanding, lucky for Hodgins.

Angela identifies Mrs. Nash as a long-missing NLA type, June Harris, from a homemade tattoo on her back. She was about to turn herself in in a deal made with the lawyers. Sam, who's been working on the June Harris case, was Booth's mentor, and doesn't like the deal, especially since nobody bothered to tell him about it. Caroline gives him the what for. We like Caroline, yes we do.

As the case unwinds, several suspects come to the fore, including Booth's old mentor, but in the end the killer proves unexpected. Well, unexpected to me. I found the case to be nicely twisty, though many of the "subtexty" parallels, especially involving Brennan's father, were fairly anvilicious. And again the episode ends with a nice moment between Booth and Brennan. Some nice character interactions here, and I liked the brief visit to last week's continuing case.