Monday, October 8, 2007


Okay, EWW, why do they have to show the toe-cutting again in the Previouslys? It was gross enough the first time.

We open with Peter trying to figure out how to get the the mysterious box of DOOOOM!! back, while Dominic Keating tries to look inconspicuous at the bar behind them, but Peter can read his mind. I wonder if he can telepathically hear all about Dominic's adventures on the USS Enterprise. Nope, all he hears is that Will is planning to doublecross the others. Later, shirtless Peter tries to use his powers. There's really no good reason for him to be shirtless here. I like that. Gratuitious shirtlessness is good. I think Caitlin was in that scene, too. Peter goes out with the gangster types and serves as decoy for their robbery. Will turns traitor just like Peter heard in his naughty thoughts. He shoots Peter, but of course Peter heals up and saves the day. He's accepted into the gang, Celtic tattoo and all--except he can't hold a tattoo because of his healing powers. And he gets his box back. Peter is reluctant to open it, for fear he won't like what he finds. Doofus. Oh, and kissing Caitlin is more fun than looking in the dumb box, anyway.

Maya and Alejandro continue their run for the border, this time stealing a car to facilitate the journey. Or trying to. Unfortunately they're crappy car thieves and the police catch Alejandro but not Maya. I think at this point we've established that separating these two is bad so why do we keep doing it over and over? Yet somehow Maya is able to come into the police station to try to get Alejandro out of jail without killing anybody. Or maybe the eye bleeding only manifests when she's threatened? That seems to be the case, as she goads the guards into attacking her, and they drop. Then Alejandro heals her, as well as the others. They escape along with Alejandro's cellmate, who has a car.

Niki and Micah visit DL's grave. Apparently he didn't make it through the final confrontations last season. That's too bad. He was really hot. Or maybe he's not dead, based on how Niki's talking about him. Let's hope. Niki leaves Micah in New Orleans with Lieutenant Uhura while she goes off on some unspecified quest.

And somewhere on a beach, Sylar is having a scruffy unshaven snooze. He's with Candice, now going by Michelle. She's trying to make things happy for him with her illusion skills (beach=fake), but he's in pretty bad shape and they're not in a very sanitary facility. Later, he has some breakfast, but he can't make his mug move telepathically. He seems to have lost his powers. Candice says she'll help him get them back when he's done healing. But Sylar has a better idea--he'll just get his powers back the old-fashioned way, by killing people, starting with her. Except his usual methods don't work, and he's now all alone out in the middle of the jungle.

Claire and her dad have a heart-to-heart. At school, Claire warns West to quit stalking her. He brings up regenerating lizards in class and annoys Claire, who walks out. West confronts her and she spills her secrets to him. So he takes her flying, since they're both freaks. Later, they sit on the beach and have a chat about their powers. And smooch. And then Claire notices that West has the tracker marks on his neck. Describing his abduction experience to Claire, he mentions the "guy with the horn-rimmed glasses." Uh-oh. Dad's busted.

The 3M team are having a bit of trouble with their domestic bliss as Mohinder and Matt have a tiff about Mohinder's spy activities and how they could endanger Molly. Mohinder visits his new lab, which was built in what used to be Isaac's loft. Mohinder seems to have given up shaving. His boss takes a phone call, which turns out to be from Niki, who's making a deal with the Company for a cure. Mohinder looks around the loft for the paintings. He finds one and sends Bennet a camera phone picture of it. It's the last picture in the series, and shows Bennet being killed by Claire. Oops.

In Tokyo, Ando gets busted playing games on his computer at work. Aww, he mises Hiro. He finds a message on the hilt of the samurai sword. Inside the hilt of the sword are some little scrolls with notes in them from Hiro in the past, describing his adventures with Kensei.

In the past, Kensei is freaked out by his sudden ability to heal and thinks Hiro has cursed him, so he hightails it out of there before Hiro can curse him some more. When they meet up again, Kensei is plotting how to use his powers for Fun and Profit instead of for the good of mankind. Hiro is not amused. He teleports Kensei to a temple where he's supposed to perform one of his great historical quests. Kensei succeeds. Hiro is all sad because he's in love with the swordsman's daughter whose name I can never remember. The whole Cyrano de Samurai thing isn't really paying off. With Kensei established as a hero, Hiro prepares to return to his own time so he won't break history anymore. But he changes his mind at the last minute. I'm sure this has something to do with Kensei smooching the girl and doing the cheesy cherry blossom thing.

I'm not finding Maya and Alejandro any more interesting. In fact, I can barely be bothered to read their subtitles. The same thing seems to happen to them every week and it's not engaging me at all. Hiro's story isn't doing much for me, either, and this week's narrative structure, with Ando reading the notes from the sword, effectively compressed the action in that storyline and thus made it even less interesting to me.

On the other hand, Sylar is back and creepier than ever. I loved that Candice thought he might like to spend some, um, quality time with, um, himself. Those illusion-crafting types are just a kinkfest, aren't they?

Next week--Nathan shaves!!