Monday, November 13, 2006

Heroes—Seven Minutes to Midnight

Good grief—they’re introducing ANOTHER hero? Miss Memory Lady, I guess. I still like Hiro best of all. None of the other Heroes have really sparked my interest. This show has a serious shortage of hotties, in my opinion. Well, sure there are good-looking people, but somehow I’m not finding any of them particularly interesting other than Hiro (Masi Oka). Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is hot, but he keeps waffling. Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is hot but he’s a prick. D.L. (Leonard Roberts) is incredibly hot, but I’m withholding judgment on his character for the moment. I kind of like Matt (Gregg Grunberg) so far, so he still has hotness potential.

This is another show I had really high hopes for. I enjoyed the pilot—I thought they did a great job balancing the several characters and the obviously destined to be complicated storyline. But then things got even more complicated, and they added even more characters, and with storylines dropping all over the place, it’s hard to keep the faith that they’re going to be picked up again and made sense of. It just seems like they’re making story promises they can’t keep. I’ll stick with it a while longer, though, just to see how things play out. Or maybe I’m old and bitter, too, like Captain Jack, and still suffering from keeping the faith with Lost for two seasons… I do hope it all manages to come together, because there’s a lot to like here, storywise.

And I’ll definitely say one thing for this show--they’re damn good with the cliffhangers.