Tuesday, November 14, 2006

House—Son of Coma Guy

Real-time comments as I watch…

Hugh Laurie sounds like he has a cold tonight.

Hugh Laurie is hot. He has incredibly blue eyes and Alexis Denisof should totally be on this show playing his brother, or his nephew, or his cousin, or I don’t even care as long as it’s Alexis Denisof.

Omar Epps is hot. Just sayin’.

I sense a rupture in the happy domestic relationship between House and Wilson with the whole Vicodin scandal. That cop is going to ferret out what’s going on sooner or later, and Wilson’s going to get dragged down with House, which is unfortunate, but Wilson’s doing it for love, so it’s tragic and romantic, too. Right? Right.

So Vegetative State Guy just… woke up? I can’t wait to see what the Web MD blog says about this tomorrow, because it seems pretty far-fetched. However, I haven’t seen Web MD trash House’s medical creds yet. Therefore I suspend disbelief.

Well, until now, because a guy who’s been in bed for ten years isn’t going to be getting up and running around. Muscle atrophy, anyone?

Okay, okay, Chase is hot, too.

The byplay between House and Vegetative State Guy is good. House may have met his verbal, emotionally constipated match here. And he may have met his downfall with the cop, although we all know that won’t happen because the show is called House, not Thermometer in Rectum Cop Guy.

Overall, an interesting episode, and another wrenching moral dilemma, much like the Joel Grey episode a few weeks ago, and with a twist I didn’t see coming.

And House says maybe he doesn’t want to push his relationship with Wilson until it breaks? This gives me a warm fuzzy. And he gave House an alibi. Greater love hath no Wilson.

Looks like things are going to heat up with the legal investigation. I’m looking forward to seeing how all this plays out.