Friday, January 12, 2007


A 2005 direct-to-DVD movie starring Jensen Ackles, Devour (or, as it says at amazon, DeVour) is...well, let's just say if you're not a die-hard Jensen Ackles fan, you might want to skip this one.

If you are a die-hard Jensen Ackles fan, Devour delivers on the Looking at Jensen Being Pretty front. However, on the Having a Good Plot front, it's not so satisfying. Ackles plays Jake Gray, a normal sort of college student who works repairing computers. For his birthday, he's gifted with membership to an online game called the Pathway. Havoc ensues as the Pathway proves to be not just a game, but more of a, um...cultish kind of Satanic um... something or other. (Yes, I watched the movie. No, it's not clear at all.) His friends meet horrible fates, per the expectations of the horror genre. Not that their fates really make a great deal of sense within the context of the movie, but they're certainly horrible. Anyway, it appears the Pathway is ultimately geared toward guiding Jake to his final destiny and the truth about his past, none of which is well set up or foreshadowed in any way. The final reveal of what this destiny is provides a far from satisfying conclusion.

In short, I can't recommend this movie to anyone who isn't there just for Ackles, because if you're not appreciating the pretty, there's not much left to appreciate in this muddled storyline.

A bit of trivia--Jensen's father Alan Ackles appears in this movie as Paul Kilton.

Rated R for violence, language, random office chair sex, much smoking of pot, and confusing the viewing audience.