Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's Thursday!!

...and there's a new Supernatural tonight!

To say I'm looking forward to this episode would be an understatement. The show's creators have promised a big reveal tonight. Breaking his word to his father, Dean will finally reveal to Sam what John told him in "In My Time of Dying," right before John traded himself to the Yellow Eyed Demon in his bargain to save Dean's life.

The promos involve Gordon, the slightly off-balance hunter we met in "Bloodlust," seeming to tell Dean that he's hunting Sam, because Sam is a danger. What exactly is Sam? I'm sure this is at the root of the reveal. The Yellow Eyed Demon is obviously using--or attempting to use--the children of the Mom's Flambéed on the Ceiling crew, probably for some nefarious purpose. The question is, what kind of purpose. Has John kept his sons away from the company of hunters to protect Sam? And to protect Sam from what? From learning more about his destiny, or from being slaughtered offhand by those who know, or think they know, what Sam is and what his powers mean? There are lots of questions to be answered here. I doubt all of them will be revealed tonight--we'll probably get one good-sized morsel to hold us out until later in the season, since Kripke has said in various interviews that there'll be more major reveals.

Over at the TV Guide website, Bardicvoice has a blog with a series of essays, some of which address speculation regarding Sam, some of which are just great character and meta analysis of the show. I highly recommend a stop here to take a look at these well-thought-out pieces.