Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jericho—Black Jack

The town is running out of gas for the generator, and people are freezing to death as winter sets in. The town decides to look toward using existing windmills in the town. Hawkins and his old girlfriend/cohort in nuclear crime are reunited. She's quite the badass. Roger suggests they go to a trading post he saw in his wanderings to trade for parts for the windmills. Jake is volunteered to make the trip.

Hawkins is torn between two lovers--Sarah and Darcy. Jake is torn between two lovers--Emily and Heather. Emily is torn between two lovers--Jake and Roger. Eric is still in the dog house because he picked one of his two lovers--but he didn't pick the one he was married to. Johnstone (no longer mayor) is completely whipped by his lover, so he's happy. Bad, bad people are guarding the trading post, and Jake has to overcome adversities to save the town. Dale is having trouble running the general store because the people of the town aren't living up to the bargains they've made with him. In short, all is business as usual in Jericho, as the writers seesaw between post-apocalyptic disaster story and prime time soap opera.

All this probably makes it sound like I don't like the show. I do, mostly because the post apocalyptic disaster part tempers the prime time soap opera part enough to hold my interest. And this week we got a bit more of that, with the glimpse into the outpost at Black Jack, where people have taken a slightly different approach to law and order than the folks of Jericho. A few more hints are dropped about where the bombs came from as Jake and co. find news of the outside world. The government has been fragmented, and small pockets of civilization (or despotism) seem to be alternating with areas of anarchy as people try to come to terms with their new situation.

Overall, I found this episode much more satisfying than last week's, I think because it hadn't promised big revelations that it didn't deliver. Although the Hawkins section in particular of last week's episode made more sense given how tonight played out--maybe there's a similar payoff for Jake's story from last week in the near future.

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