Monday, February 26, 2007

Taye Diggs in Grey's Spinoff

Just ran across this post on TV Squad. (I am so behind--I had over 200 posts sitting on Bloglines waiting for me to read them.) Apparently there's a Grey's Anatomy spinoff in the works, and Taye Diggs is slated to be involved.

This annoys me. I have no desire to watch Grey's Anatomy (although I might cave and Netflix some DVDs for Jeffrey Dean Morgan), nor do I want to watch a Grey's spinoff. But they put a super-hot guy like Taye Diggs in, and now I might have to reconsider (see above reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Pout.

I guess it'll all depend on the timeslot. My major beef with Grey's is not so much that it's not a good show (I have no idea, having never watched it), but that it's on opposite Supernatural and kicks my lovely Winchester boys' asses every week. Rather rudely. And I think they've even tried rubbing rock salt on Patrick Dempsey, to no avail. I would have thought their daddy could have taken care of that while he was hanging out over there (see above reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan).