Saturday, February 3, 2007

TV Tie-Ins—Angel: The Curse

Continuing my reviews of the post-series Angel graphic novels.

Written by Jeff Mariotte, art by David Messina. The first post-series story from IDW, The Curse picks up after "Not Fade Away", but doesn't give any concrete explanations as to what happened in that final battle in the alley. The story is reasonably solid, if predictable, as Angel revisits the Romany tribe in an attempt to remove the curse that dooms him to never experience perfect happiness.

Although I found this series enjoyable, I also felt it was a bit pat, plot-wise. I wasn't convinced of Angel's motivations for pursuing his release from the curse, and the ending didn't quite work for me, either. Of course, the storytelling here is hampered by the need to not disturb canon, as usual for TV tie-ins. I was hoping that this limitation might be eased a bit, since the show was no longer on the air when these came out, but that wasn't to be.