Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Dresden Files—The Boone Identity

This week's episode was a marked improvement from last week's. The storyline seemed to me to be more coherent, and we got some additional background on Harry and his apparently guilt-ridden past. The voiceovers this week sounded more like Harry's voice from the books, and Bob showed a hint of the lecherous streak I expected to see.

We start out with a father who's being tormented by the ghost of his daughter, who was murdered a year ago. Her murderer, Boone, was killed shortly afterward. Harry experiences a vision of the ghost, as well, and begins to puzzle out what the ghost is trying to tell them. As it turns out, the killer was after an ancient Egyptian artifact called the Lock of Anubis, and he's not dead after all, but used the Lock to switch to a new body. Confronted by Harry, Boone ends up possessing Murphy (Valerie Cruz). Harry is forced to use a voodoo doll--dark magic he shouldn't be messing with, says Bob, because the Council will track him down and Bad Things will happen, and if that's not foreshadowing I don't know what is--to gain control of the situation, save Murphy, and send Boone on to the afterworld where he belongs.

Overall, I found this episode much more satisfying than the premiere. The story made more sense, and the writing felt more confident. Harry's starting to show a dark, broody side, which is never a bad thing, and Cruz put in a solid performance as possessed Murphy. If the show continues along these lines, I'll count myself a regular viewer.