Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bones—The Priest in the Churchyard

A water main break forces numerous bodies out of the ground in a parish churchyard, leaving Brennan to work out who's who. Brennan, of course, finds bones that indicate a murder. Her flip attitude about things religious causes immediate friction between her and Booth, not to mention her and and the parish priest, Father Donlin. And there's already friction between the parish priest and the new, younger priest, Father Matt, who wants to bring a more modern feel to the church. Suspicion falls on Father Donlin, who doesn't seem happy with the younger priests he's had to work with, then on a parish youth who was robbing graves to pay for his drug habit, but the truth is a bit less obvious.

In the meantime, Booth, frustrated by the friction between himself and Brennan, suggests they go see Dr. Wyatt together to help them work out their issues. Elsewhere in the Jeffersonian, Jack asks Angela to move in with him.

First, a complaint. The cliche that intelligent, scientific people can't believe in God is unbelievably tiresome and I'm frankly disappointed they keep going there with this show. While Brennan's abrasiveness is often mildly annoying to me, usually it's just amusing, but this was the first time I really disliked her. Pet peeve, I suppose. Anyway, with that rant out of the way there was plenty to like. Booth's man-crush on Dr. Wyatt cracks me up, and although the sessions with the doctor seemed rather contrived, they were nicely scripted and fun to watch. I especially liked his solution to Angela's dilemma.

Everyone in this episode seemed to be making assumptions--jumping to conclusions, projecting their own issues onto other people, etc. This theme played into the solution of the case as well as the character bits going on all around it. The Jack and Angela developments were fun, too. I mean, what good is it to work in the Jeffersonian if you can't get busy in Cleopatra's bed once in a while? I was also relieved that, although the issue of pedophilia in the Catholic church was a major part of the plot, it wasn't the solution to the crime. That would have been tiresome, as well. Instead, they went in a less obvious direction, that worked with the show's theme and wasn't immediately obvious.

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