Monday, March 26, 2007

The Dresden Files—The Other Dick

Kind of an abbreviated post, as my spring break company is keeping me busy. :-)

Harry has to apply for a PI license. He's doing well, but Liz, a gum-chewing, American-accented Claudia Black throws him out for non-payment. Murphy offers to help, but only partially. When he goes back to talk to Brennan, the PI who runs the class, Dresden finds him dead and is nearly electrocuted trying to work out what killed him. Liz walks in on them and of course assumes Dresden killed Brennan. Dresden, however, is certain Brennan died of supernatural causes. He and Liz form an uneasy alliance to find the killer. Their investigation leads them to a fertility clinic, where mystical forces are being employed as "alternative therapy." It proves to be a haven for an Incubus, who's using the fertility clinic to incubate its own offspring.

Claudia Black was great, as usual, and the interaction between her and Harry made me wish she could be a Dresden Files regular. Chris Owens also makes an appearance in this episode. I haven't seen him since he played Jeffrey Spender, aka the Cigarette Smoking Man's kid and possibly Mulder's half-brother, back in the X-Files days. Overall, an enjoyable episode with a not-so-predictable premise.

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