Monday, April 16, 2007

Drive—Premiere Event

Part Two: Partners

27 years ago
A couple appears to be participating in the race. They see a little girl and are amazed and awed that she is alive. Then they're run off the road.

The present

Wendy pursues Ivy, obviously uncertain about her orders to eliminate the other woman. Gracie, from Jericho, plays the waitress in the cafe where Wendy mulls her need to eliminate Ivy. She tells Wendy's she's in a kill or be killed situation. (For an undercover, Supr Sekrit race, an awful lot of people seem to know about it.) Wendy calls Sammy on a phone given to her by the woman taking care of him. (When li'l Sammy is six months old, will Wendy burn to death on the ceiling of his nursery? Oh, please. By now you know that's an obligatory joke.) Supposedly her husband can't trace the call on that phone. I really want to know what's up with Wendy's husband. Obviously he's a Very Bad Man. Wendy shoots a hole in Ivy's tire and then stops to "help." Ivy grabs her gun and turns the tables. Ivy suggests she join Wendy in her car, thinking this will get them around the actual shooting thing, but still reduce the number of contestants by one. Ivy abandons her original two partners.

Corinna comes to fetch Tully, who's scruffy in a hotel room (Dude! Scruffy!). And he has the race coordinator guy Bill tied up in his bathtub. Which isn't quite as hot as when Wesley had Justine in the closet but it's damn close. But I digress. Oh, and he's talking to his wife (Amy Acker) in the mirror. Just hearing Amy Acker say "Ginormous" makes me want to weep. Bill tells Tully Corinna isn't involved in the race. Tully presses her for information about what's on the flash drive. He tries to ditch her and she knocks him senseless. He catches up with the two of them and finds Corinna holding a gun on Bill. Corinna's after revenge--her parents were the ones killed in the flashback, because the race coordinators kidnapped her to motivate them to race (again--with 32 million at stake, why the coercion? Should I shut up about that?). Another tussle ends with Bill holding the gun. Tully uses the flash drive as collateral and gets Corinna away from Bill. Tully makes her his official partner. Then, at the checkpoint--Cape Canaveral this episode--Tully hands the phone over to Corinna, saying he's quitting and giving his position in the race to her unless he gets some proof the race coordinators have his wife. He gets his proof immediately via camera phone. And he's back in.

In Subplot Land:
The older man, John, who's racing with his daughter is dying. He passes out when they reach Cape Canaveral. The Salazars stop to help. Violet, John's daughter, takes over the driving.

Ivy's previous partners don't make it to Cape Canaveral before the shuttle lifts off.

Next stop--Rome, Georgia, almost 500 miles away. And they have to get there by sunset.

Kreuzberg--Bloc Party (played during the shuttle lift-off)
Bloc Party - A Weekend In the City - Kreuzberg