Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Drive—Let the Games Begin

Tully's truck is breaking down again. It's like Serenity except smaller. Plus no Wash. The cops stop to help, but promptly arrest Tully. Who's still scruffy, by the way. This is an important plot point, the scruffiness. Okay, not a plot point, but still important. To me. The cops say Tully was involved in a murder/bank robbery in Ashland, Kentucky in 2003. Tully proclaims his innocence.

Corinna tries to track him down but no one at the police station has a record of Tully's being brought in. Plus the truck has disappeared. In the end, the interrogation seems to be some kind of ploy to test Tully's mettle. He's really on some kind of a sound stage. He's gifted with a new car and told to leave Corinna behind. Apparently Mr. Tully does have a dark past...and the car's not new--it's his car from his previous life--complete with knife in the glovebox for purposes of escaping. Corinna's cornered by thugs and Tully rescues her in the new shiny car. Okay, so--did he really drive the getaway car in Kentucky or not? It kind of sounded like he did.

Back in Hastings, Tully's sister is being interrogated by a detective who thinks Tully's running, and obviously suspects him in his wife's disappearance.

The Salazar brothers fuss about Winston's car, and get distracted by a hottie in a red dress who turns out to be a bounty hunter. She apprehends Winston, even though in the first episode he appeared to have been properly released. He also claims he didn't commit the crime he was imprisoned for. One of Salazar Sr.'s thugs, Estovan, meets up with Sean, trying to bring him back. Sean is uncooperative, and tells Estovan that he wants Winston released or he's cutting himself out of the family. Winston is released and returns to the race with Sean. So was Winston released from prison legitimately, or specifically to run the race? Is he technically an escapee at this point?

John still doesn't seem to be doing well, plus he's fussing about Violet's driving. Violet tutors John in lying so he can deal with her mother, who's expecting to see Violet that weekend. Which obviously they can't do if they're in a road race. But the call is actually from his doctor, who's checking to be sure John has enough meds.

We see a bit more of Rob and Ellie, who are currently in the lead. Rob, who's supposed to be in Iraq, sees a news story about a man killed there--he knew the guy. They get into an argument when he wants to make some calls to check in on his unit. Ellie doesn't want him to go back to the Army ever, and thinks winning the race will make that possible.

Ivy and Wendy continue their alliance, but it's sorely strained when Ivy removes the carseat from Wendy's car. Wendy insists she put it back. In fact she seems to be a little psycho about it.

All our major players make it to Rome, GA, to a drive-in. Their next clue is shown on the screen... except we don't get to see it.

If you missed any of the first three episodes, they're available at Fox's Drive site on myspace.