Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News and Bad News

This week, the networks are having their upfronts, where the schedules for next season are announced. Some good news on the NBC front--Journeyman and The Bionic Woman have been picked up. I'm not particularly excited about either of these, but it's a major network putting out genre TV, so I'm in favor. Plus Bionic Woman has Battlestar Galactica producers in its favor, and I was totally addicted to it as a kid. And Journeyman has Kevin McKidd (Rome) who's totally hot, so I'll check that out. I doubt they'll let him be Scottish, though. I wish they would, because I loves me a Scottish accent.

At Fox, Sarah Connor Chronicles has apparently also been picked up for next season. And although NBC and the CW haven't made any official announcements yet, it appears that Supernatural will be picked up for a third season (yay!), but that Jericho has been canceled (boo).