Monday, May 14, 2007

House—House Training

I dropped my House reviews a while ago, because I was running out of things to say besides, medical mystery part was interesting, character part not so much, House still a jerk, Wilson still adorable, Foreman still totally hot. I also fell behind in my House viewage, but I watched "House Training" over the weekend and wanted to say a bit about it.

I haven't watched every episode of House yet--I've seen all of S1 and I think the first third of S2--and I know they've lost patients, but I think this might be the first time they've lost a patient because the doctors plain screwed up. I was seriously expecting House to pull a sudden, miraculous, life-saving diagnosis out of his um...ear in the last ten minutes, but he didn't, and I think it was a better story for that. The character portions were better in this episode, too--House's interaction with Wilson's ex showed a new, almost even meaner side without going over the top, as I felt a couple of earlier episodes did. And Foreman's bits with his parents were wonderful, especially that last, heart-wrenching scene where he searches for absolution and gets it--almost.

And--House still a jerk, Wilson still adorable, Foreman still hot.

Anyway, I thought this episode was worth at least a quickie review. Also, here's a song.

Follow the Leader--Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan - From a Late Night High Rise - Follow the Leader

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