Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blood Ties—Wrapup

A quick wrapup of the season, since I fell behind in this series, as well.


This might have been more interesting if I hadn't already seen this plot done to death on so many other shows. An interesting twist on the Fight Club premise, though--raising professional fighters from the dead to fill the fighting ranks.

Post Partum
Mike and Vicki pose as husband and wife to get the scoop on magical goings-on at a fertility clinic. Apparently another popular starting point for episodic TV, as we saw this on the Dresden Files, as well. This episode had some cute scenes between Vicki and Mike--and Mike was much more likeable than he has been--but overall seemed slow to me.

The "Season Finale," aka the last episode they're running straight in a row because they're saving the second part of the season for fall. Vicki's tattoos start to bother her when Norman, the demon-summoning geek from the pilot episode, returns. This time he has shapeshifting abilities. Whackiness ensues. This actually worked surprisingly well as a "finale," bookending Vicki's story nicely. Maybe they planned it that way, after all.

Blood Ties returns with the back nine of the extant 22 episodes in the fall.