Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day Break—Final Wrapup

What if He Walks Away?

Fed up that his day is still repeating (and I don't blame him, because it really doesn't make any sense anymore now that he's solved the case), Hopper takes Rita to Vegas. And then Mexico. Over and over. When he finally goes back, he's arrested not only for Garza's murder, but also for the murders of Chad and Rita.

What if She's the Key?

The mystery surrounding Rita deepens as Hopper tries to find out what she's hiding from him, and how it fits in with the Garza case, in order to prevent her death.

What if It's Him?

The last pieces of the puzzle come together as the truth comes out about who really set Hopper up for Garza's murder. In addition, Hopper discovers the truth about his father's death, finally makes it into tomorrow...and beyond.

I really like that they wrapped up this storyline in the 13 produced episodes. There were a few missteps along the way, I thought--things got a bit too convoluted, and the last three episodes really felt like added on padding, especially Rita's subplot, but overall it made for a satisfying, complete story. Of course there were a few loose ends--why was Hopper repeating, and could it happen to him again being the main question--but only enough to allow for the story to have continued if the series had been picked up. The last shot, of the formerly crazy inmate who was apparently also repeating days, now cleaned up and looking like he knew something about Hopper, was a nice way to segue into what could have been more story.

Overall, an enjoyable show. It's too bad it didn't do better in the ratings. I haven't heard anything about a DVD release, but I hope they do go ahead and make this available.