Sunday, June 17, 2007

Moonlight—Early Thoughts

Moonlight is a new show for CBS, premiering this fall, about a vampire private investigator. I have my doubts about this one. First, I loved (deeply) and lost (painfully) a show about a vampire private investigator (Angel), and nothing will ever compare. It just won't. The fact David Greenwalt is on board with Moonlight is either good or painfully ironic.

From the video clips, this show looks rather nice. Alex O'Loughlin, an Aussie actor, is pretty enough as Mick St. John, our vampire PI. The cinematography looks nice, although several of the cityscapes, and the way they're being used, is a bit too much like Angel for my immediate comfort. My biggest problem with this show, though, comes from the script excerpts I ran across a few days ago. The scenes in question are, in my opinion, bland and cliche-driven. Nothing about them struck me as particularly original or compelling.

Realizing this might not be a fair representation of the final show, I'll give this one a shot, if only because of my love for vampires in general, and because Greenwalt has a hand in it. Moonlight will be airing Friday nights at 9 Eastern on CBS.

Check out the preview clip here: Moonlight
Note: Must have popups enabled, and there's a brief ad right before the clip.