Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weeds—Cooking With Jesus

One of the fun things about Season Two of Weeds is that each week the title song, Little Boxes, is performed by a different artist. It's worth checking out the different renditions at the Showtime website. For this episode, the song's performed by Death Cab for Cutie.

Nancy continues her quest to become a grower without Conrad. Conrad, in the mean time, tries to find a financer to back his own quest to grow his own strain. He finally returns to Nancy's fold when Nancy assures him she's broken things off with Peter and Peter knows nothing.

Celia continues her quest for City Council election, but her family isn't cooperating.

Megan gets accepted into Princeton. Silas decides, with Andy's encouragement, to drop out of high school and follow her to New Jersey. But Megan shoots him down, and they break up.

Andy continues his quest for Hebrew School by comparing his Judaism to Ghostbusters. He finally makes it into Hebrew School, provisionally, with an essay he writes while high in the girls' bathroom at the marijuana expo.

Peter refuses to accept the breakup, and tells Nancy he knows she's a drug dealer.

This episode seemed a little less funny than previous episodes, with time spent laying down groundwork for plotlines that will undoubtedly be built on later down the road. I'm interested to see how things will pan out with Peter, since that's a major not-good development.

Rolling Stone From Texas—Don Walser
Don Walser - Rolling Stone from Texas - Rolling Stone from Texas

Jah Be For Us—Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni - Crusade - Jah Be for Us

Jammin Nation—Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni - Crusade - Jammin Nation

Crazy Dazy—Chris Ligon
Chris Ligon - The Bottle Let Me Down - Songs for Bumpy Wagon Rides - Crazy Daisy

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