Friday, September 14, 2007

Finishing off the Summer

Like any good TV junkie, I've been mainlining DVDs the past couple of weeks, as well as catching up on some shows on my TiVo (mostly Eureka at this point). I'm a third through the Heroes box set, halfway through Season 4 of Smallville, a third through Season One of Queer as Folk, which I'm rewatching, and about halfway through Season Two of Gilmore Girls.

But my brain has been eaten by an unexpected show that came out of nowhere like a big fullback with long hair, smashed me to the ground and had his way with me.

Yes, the show is Friday Night Lights, and the fullback is Tim Riggins. Although the coach is really hot, too, and I adore his wife. I had no idea I would enjoy this show until I was dragged kicking and screaming into watching it and found myself watching episode after episode and really not wanting to stop. I think anybody who's grown up in a small town anywhere in the midwest, football or no, will have a similar reaction. Heck, anybody who's grown up in America anywhere is likely to find resonance somewhere in this show. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The first season is only $20, with a money back guarantee. If you're still not sure, but you're a Heroes fan, if you get the Heroes box set at Wal-Mart, you'll get the first 4 eps of FNL along with a preview of the Bionic Woman for free. But seriously, get out and buy this show, and tune in for the second season premiere on October 5th.

Why are you still here? GO BUY IT!!