Saturday, September 8, 2007


For those who might be worried they won't be able to get their Heroes fix because of the NBC/iTunes breakup, Heroes will be available for download through Amazon Unbox. Of course, Unbox is DRMed out the wazoo, and you have to have the DRMed out the wazoo WMP upgrade to use it, but it's an alternative. If, you know, you don't have a problem with DRM.


Anyway, I'm rewatching Heroes via the DVDs I picked up last week. I was home sick and working from home while sick so I plowed through about the first third of the series before I got un-sick and had to actually work at work where watching DVDs while working is rather frowned upon. But the point is--yes, I did have one--I'm really enjoying revisiting this series. I have to admit I didn't pay very close attention to about the first third of the series, because while I enjoyed it, I found the sheer volume of characters to be overwhelming, and had a hard time following the storylines. When I started blogging the show that helped a lot because I was forced to pay attention so I could write halfway intelligently about it (and probably failed but that's okay because people who know me know I'm really only about a quarter intelligent on my best days). But rewatching now and knowing how the pieces fit together, I'm finding myself nodding along and going oh, yeah, yeah, yep yep. Nice work, guys!! It's really pleasing to find a group of writers who can maintain a serialized show like that and have it be cohesive when you put all the pieces together after the fact. (And while there's an occasional--wait, but...this happens later so that bit doesn't quite fit--they're few and far between and seem to be decreasing as the season progresses.)

I'm really looking forward to next season--I can't wait to see what else this talented bunch of folks has in store for us.