Tuesday, September 25, 2007


House starts out weird tonight, and while I'm completely in favor of the whole vintage Han shot first Star Wars thing, the weird handheld camera push-ins that look like they came out of The Office I could do without. Seriously, that stuff gives me motion sickness.

Oh, and then a building blows up, with Miss I Don't Really Like Star Wars inside. Not to be judgmental, but that's what you get when you voice that kind of blasphemy. But she survives, and makes it to Princeton Plainsboro, where House is jamming on his electric guitar in his office. She has a fever, and it seems like she was hallucinating before the explosion. If I ever have hallucinations I hope they're more interesting than Office-like push-ins.

Cuddy isn't happy with House--so what's new?--because he hasn't hired a new team yet. (Remember how everybody quit last season?) House sets out to prove he doesn't need a team.

In the midst of the usual medical mystery, Wilson kidnaps House's guitar and holds it for ransom--he'll give it back if House interviews candidates to hire. Seems like everybody wants him to bring on some actual doctors instead of the janitor he's recruited to bounce ideas off. House retaliates by threatening to delete telenovelas off Wilson's TiVo. Then Wilson hurts the guitar so House kidnaps Wilson's patient. In the end, House finds his way to a heartbreaker of a twist ending, and finally relents and interviews a roomful of candidates for his new team. And the guitar returns happily intact, which is a relief.

I've missed the lighthearted House/Wilson interaction and really enjoyed it tonight. Oddly, though I, didn't miss the rest of the team that much. I'm sure I'll enjoy them all when they come back, but in the meantime House the loner with Wilson nipping at his heels is plenty of entertainment for me.