Friday, September 28, 2007


Yes, I know I'm late. Believe it or not, I can only watch so much TV at a time, and Monday night I burned out after Chuck and Heroes. But due to the magic of the DVR, I can start commenting on some other pilots I took a look at.

Journeyman appears to be the kind of show that I want to watch with about half my attention while doing something else a bit more interesting. Which doesn't bode well for me for long-term devotion, but I need shows like that. You know, the ones you just flirt with but don't have a serious relationship with. So that's fine.

First, Kevin McKidd is damn hot. Not as hot as he was in Rome, and not nearly as hot as he is when they let him cut loose with that gorgeous Scottish burr, but still damn hot. The show, though, strikes me so far as a bit mediocre. Several time travel cliches are trotted out--I think I complained back during Day Break about that whole using a sports event to indicate time travel thing--just to be sure we know our intrepid hero is traveling in time. And of course he bounces about in time to Put Right What Once Went Wrong, a la Sam Beckett, but without the skunk streak and the endearingly obnoxious hologram companion. Instead he has an ex-fiancee who pops up and apparently knows more about what he's doing than he does. And he actually tells his wife what's going on. Dude, nobody who time travels ever just tells everybody. They'll think you're nuts. Fortunately, the wife in this case is pretty understanding. Well, in this episode at least. I imagine, "I was back in time saving a puppy," is going to wear thin after a while.

And lastly, what is the deal with Moon Bloodgood getting stuck with guys who travel in time? I mean seriously. That poor girl.