Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bones—The Knight on the Grid

I've been waiting for a strong return to the Gormogon case, and tonight's episode was exactly that. I enjoy a good ancient religious conspiracy theory almost as much as Jack does, and this one's coming together nicely, with lots of yuckiness and, well, ancient conspiracy stuff. Also, it's great to see Russ again, and I liked the introduction of his girlfriend and her daughter, who we heard about all the way back in 1-22, The Woman in Limbo.

However, while I think the last few episodes have been the strongest of the season so far, Sweets is really getting to annoy me. I liked him as Booth and Brennan's therapist. While I preferred Stephen Fry's Dr. Gordon Gordon from last season, I don't think the dynamic between B2 would have been quite as strong or as intimate as it has played out in the therapist's office this season. But the minute they let Sweets out of his office, he started to grate. I feel like he's being shoehorned into the casework. There are plenty of folks on the team who can put the psychological pieces together, particularly Booth and Cam, so why do we need his input? Also, he performed a pet TV peeve of mine tonight, which was to walk into a room and start spouting information about things that were discussed before he came in.

But here's an idea--what if Sweets is the apprentice? I'm starting to think it's a plausible theory. And while my slow-motion scan of the last scene didn't confirm anything, the guy did look just about enough like Sweets that it could be him, and if the producers are smart, they'd be sure slow-motion and freeze frames on high definition TVs wouldn't give away the secret.