Monday, November 19, 2007

Heroes—Cautionary Tales

Just some comments tonight rather than a full recap.

Elle? Still really annoying me. I think it's because she's over the top and insists of pawing everybody. And sweetie? Mohinder's personal bubble is my personal bubble. So stay out of it. And her over the topness isn't countered enough by Kristen Bell's performance. Yeah, I know she's supposed to be over the top, but she's really not working for me. Although I did approve of her being knocked unconscious and then tortured. And the parallels set up between her and Claire were fairly well-done, and fleshed out Noah a bit more.

Mohinder, hon, you really gotta lose the nose strip. And get your normal brain back, cause the one you have now doesn't seem to be working too well. But you're still pretty. Seriously, though, Mohinder's changes in loyalty don't make sense to me given his established character. I don't feel like his arc is working well at all this year.

Noah, you are such a badass. I stil think killing the old mentor went too far, but this week you're kicking ass and taking names, and I like it.

All the heroes seem to be gaining finer control of their powers. Most notably in this episode are Hiro and Matt. Matt, please don't use your new Jedi Mind Trick for evil.

Wehn al the characters are speaking the same language, why can't they just borrow a page (no pun intended) from the comics and just make a note that they're translating from Japanese and let the actors speak English? That way I wouldn't have to read my TV all the darn time. I lack the proper attention span for subtitles.

The reveal on Nakamura's murderer wasn't much of a surprise. Well, it was to Hiro, but not to anybody else. The Horn Rimmed Glasses Guys showdown, though, while telegraphed, played out nicely, and the twist at the end was nicely done, as was Hiro's father's funeral and the intercutting between that and Noah's death. And I particularly liked Noah's reaction upon awakening, harking back to Claire's "Holy sh--" from last season.

I was expecting another fairly lackluster installment, but instead it seems like the season is finally hitting a bit of a stride. That this episode held my attention with minimal Petrelli family involvement is a good sign. With only two episodes before the hiatus, it'll be interesting to see which direction they go, and whether or not they resort to the rewritten ending for episode ten.