Saturday, January 27, 2007

Angel Spotlight Series Graphic Novel

Although Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel have been deceased series for three and two years respectively, the characters live on in the comics. The Angel comic book series is doing respectably well at IDW, and a Buffy Season Eight comic, penned by Joss Whedon himself, will be debuting from Dark Horse comics in the next few months.

I've found the Buffy and Angel comic books much more satisfying to read and true to their source material than the novel tie-ins. With a few exceptions, I recommend them for any fans who miss the Whedonverse. So I'll be reviewing these books as TV Tie-Ins.

Angel Spotlight Compilation

The Angel Spotlight series from IDW has featured single issue stories focusing on various characters from Angel. The first five of these titles are now available as a singel trade paperback. I'm not sure if IDW has plans to make any more Spotlight issues, but these are definitely worth a look.

Spotlight: Illyria--Written by Peter David, art by Nicola Scott. Trying to understand humanity, Illyria attempts to experience guilt by exploring Fred's life. Set during Angel Season Five, prior to Not Fade Away, this story is well-written, with a nice emotional twist.

Spotlight: Gunn--Writen by Dan Jolley, art by Mark Pennington. Gunn visits his nephew, who's fallen in with a bad crowd. While the story here was okay, I was less than impressed with the art.

Spotlight: Wesley--Written by Scott Tipton, art by Mike Norton. When Knox falls ill, Wes struggles with his feelings for Fred. Another nice little story set during Season Five.

Spotlight: Doyle--Written by Jeff Meriotte, art by David Messina. This comic gives us a prelude to City of..., telling us a bit about how Doyle ended up teamed with Angel. I liked this one quite a lot, as it was nice to see Doyle again.

Spotlight: Connor--Written by Jay Faerber, art by Bob Gill. A nice filler story, showing Connor dealing with knowledge of his true parentage while still trying to function in his adoptive family.