Monday, January 22, 2007


Heroes finally returns with new episodes after that ridiculously long hiatus thingum. When last we saw our heroes... hell, who can remember. For that reason, this is more recap than review, as I try to get my Heroes legs back under me.

Anyway, it's two weeks later. Peter is in the hospital in the aftermath of his weird vision. Niki's in police custody, and Claire can't remember what happened in the last episode any better than I can.

Bennett is experimenting with Sylar, who looks much the worse for wear, trying to figure out what makes him tick.

Hiro and Ando search for the sword future!Hiro had. Hiro hopes it will restore his powers, which he feels have been growing weaker. They find it on a Samurai display in a museum. It has the symbol on it that's been appearing off and on, most noteably on Nikki/Jessica's shoulder. Ando translates this symbol as "Godsend," coincidentally the name of the episode. Hiro uses his powers to steal the sword from the museum, but it turns out to be a replica. The real sword is in the possession of Linderman. Hiatus brain kicks in here, as I can't for the life of me remember the significance of that name, though I'm pretty sure I should recognize it.

Peter seems to be caught in a flood of visions. Trying to figure out what's up with his brother, Nathan goes with Simone to Isaac's place, where Isaac reappears, off the heroin now after his stint in Bennett-sponsored rehab. Hiro shows up looking for help finding the real sword. Simone recognizes Hiro from Isaac's comic books, as Hiro recognizes Nathan as "Flying Man." Nathan agrees to help Hiro.

DL has had the charges dropped against him because of Niki/Jessica's confession, but isn't out of danger from the people he crossed regarding the suitcase o' money. Niki is facing the death penalty for the murders Jessica committed. Jessica takes over the questioning and gets Niki thrown into the psych ward.

Claire, befuddled, tries to get the Haitian to give her answers, to little effect. She then tries to reconnect with Zach, who remembers nothing of their friendship, by reenacting the video tape he made of her attempting to kill herself.

Mohinder is still trying to find the folks on the list to warn them about Sylar. Bennett catches up to him. He wants the list, as well, but Mohinder refuses to give it to him.

Matt loses the trust of his partner and attempts to gain the trust of his wife by coming clean to her about his newfound abilities.

Peter's vision shows him causing the explosoin because he took someone's power and couldn't control it. He awakens in terror. Later, he sees the bearded man from his vision (Christopher Eccleston--Dr. Who) at a restaurant. The bearded man is taken aback that Peter can see him, and an altercation ensues. Apparently the bearded man is invisible, and now Peter, absorbing the power, is invisible, too.

I had a hard time following this show tonight. I don't think it was the fault of the show so much as the aftereffects of the long hiatus. Shows like this, where there's an ongoing, very detailed storyline, just don't do well with these long gaps. I think Heroes will be fine ratings-wise, though--but it'll be interesting to see what happens when Lost returns after an even longer hiatus. I think the networks should rethink the whole "Fall Finale/Winter Premiere" concept.

With that said, overall it felt like a solid episode. The explanation of why New York blows up is holding together, and I get a sense that the writers do know where they're going with that storyline. I'm not as sure about other bits, particularly the Niki storyline, but that's largely because I'm not getting a strong sense of exactly what her power is supposed to be, or how it'll come into play. And the continuing tendency to add even more characters as the story progresses is confusing things a bit, at least for me. But hopefully now we'll have another long string of consecutive episodes, and a chance to work our way back into the story.