Sunday, January 21, 2007

Supernatural Season Recap

Since I didn't start blogging reviews until partway through the season, I thought I'd do a quick recap of all the episodes aired before I started. (Okay, so it was a good excuse to lounge about and watch Supernatural all day.)

In My Time of Dying--I thought the end of the first season was a copout, until I saw this episode, which made the sudden, seemingly gratuitous cliffhanger into an integral plot point. Ouija board--$18. Pajama party with your near-dead brother's spirit in his hospital room--Priceless. And the end of this episode is just heart-wrenching. I can't drop a cup of coffee anymore without weeping like a baby man.

Everybody Loves a Clown--Sam is afraid of clowns. Planes may crash, but dammit, clowns kill. And creepily, too. Another heartbreaker as Dean takes out his pain on his most precious possession. We are introduced to Jo and Ellen, whom we tolerate and adore, respectively.

Bloodlust--The introduction of Gordon, fellow hunter, Dean's shadow-self. The boys' usually black and white world finds shades of gray. Most importantly, the Metallicar returns in all its shiny glory and gets its very own musical montage.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things--A zombie story provides clunky, inexpertly crafted metaphor for Dean's state of mind regarding his return from certain death. In spite of numerous TV listings to the contrary, Summer Glau does not appear. In a strange coincidence, Sam's arm is broken by the zombie in the exact same place Jared Padalecki broke his arm. Sam wears a cast for several episodes after this, because Jared Padalecki makes him. (Note: although this is still my least favorite episode of this season so far, I didn't dislike it quite as much on repeat viewings.)

Simon Said--Ben Edlund pens an episode worthy of, well, Ben Edlund. Sam and Dean meet another "chosen child," deepening the mystery of what Sam's precognitive abilities mean as regards the Yellow Eyed Demon's plans for him and others like him. Also--great Star Wars jokes, Stonehenge, Moby Dick's bong, Dr. Badass gets naked, and poor Dean is tormented by Jo's love for REO Speedwagon. And Jensen Ackles sings, which we love with much gooey love. The first, and one of the best, of the ongoing streak of damn near perfect episodes.

No Exit--Jo elbows her way into a hunt for the ghost of H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer. We are left trying to figure out if we like her, or if she still annoys us. Probably the weakest of the Near Perfect Streak, but not bad. A nice showcase episode for Alona Tal.

The Usual Suspects--Horror maven Linda Blair appears in an episode that "reads" like fanfic. Hah. And you all thought Jo was the Mary Sue. Dean says he likes frisky women. We notice the obvious sparks between him and Linda Blair's character, add that to the obvious sparks between Dean and Ellen*, and vow to be friskier in the future.

Full-length reviews of the remainder of Season Two can be found here.

*Yes, they are obvious. Shut up. The boy obviously adores older frisky women. I am not projecting. I said shut up.