Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Dresden Files—Walls

A woman, Raychelle, comes to Harry's office and is run down by a car right in front of him. Investigating in Raychelle's apartment, he's attacked. His attacker disappears right into a broom closet. Hm. Wonder if he has that key from The Lost Room.

Harry finds a stolen bracelet at Raychelle's place and discovers a pattern of thefts across the area. He calls in Morgan, who isn't happy to be dragged into what he sees as a minor situation. The thefts are masterminded by Raychelle's boyfriend and a couple of sorority kids who have happened into some magic that allows them to move through walls. One of them dies trying to get into a bank vault--half of him inside and half of him outside. That used to happen to me all the time back in the day when I played Avatar. The autopsy shows he's been decomposing on the inside. The kids have been using a Glory Hand. It's not just helping them steal things, but it's possessing and slowly killing them, as well, as the spirit that gives it its power drains them to increase its own strength. Harry pursues, determined to save at least one of them. His efforts lead to a showdown with the hand's original possessor.

This episode was darker and creepier than previous episodes. I actually liked that change of pace. Although we've seen that using bad magic has serious consequences, this episode really brought that point home, and I liked that they were willing to wander into more intense, gorier territory. Harry also got to use a bit more and flashier spells, which is always fun, although the magical bugs were kinda freaky. Overall, I found this to be a solid installment, and another indication of the show's gradual improvement.