Saturday, March 10, 2007

Robin Hood—Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Things aren't going well back at Locksley, as Guy and his cronies start cutting out the tongues of the peasants in an attempt to extort information about Robin's whereabouts (which leads to a very bad joke later regarding this episode's title and also? Ew.). Guy mostly just stands around looking hot while the sheriff does the dirty work. In the meantime, Robin and Much deal with the inhabitants of Sherwood Forest, who aren't exactly friendly. After being stripped and humiliated, they escape and turn the tables on their attackers. After a brief attempt at hot badassery, Robin formulates his patented, "Rob from the rich, give to the poor," concept. The forest dwellers decide to turn him in for the reward. After an over-the-top rescue of one of the peasants (Little John's wife), Robin turns himself in and is taken off to be hanged. In prison he gets his nickname of Robin Hood, which somehow evolves from Robin Wood in one dialogue exchange. Guy makes a leather-clad move on Marian. How does he manage to wear all that leather? Did they have talcum powder back then?

Much has to try to rescue Robin on his own, but of course the Sherwood Forest crew comes through at the last minute. Marian tries to rescue Robin, too, but Much wins out and there's a big heroic rescue, during which Robin declares his love for Much. (For real. This was not my imagination. Honest.)

Overall, the show continues to be fun but not overly deep. Guy continues to skulk and wear leather, and Robin continues to prove his prowess by shooting arrows right next to people instead of, say, drilling them through the forehead, which would seem to me to be more effective under the circumstances. The Sherwood Forest crew is beginning to come together, with a bit of poignant backstory for Little John featured tonight.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough Guy action tonight, and Robin still hasn't managed to dethrone the animated Disney Robin Hood as Hottest Robin Hood ever.