Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bones—The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

An interesting note to tonight's episode--it was directed by Caleb Deschanel, Emily Deschanel's dad.

Booth and Brennan go to investigate some glowing bones in an old stone house. Wow. Imagine that. I never would have guessed that from the episode title. Booth is wearing a (tight) T-shirt that says "Killer" on it. This amuses me for no really good reason. The team takes precautions against radiation, but in spite of the glowy bones, there is none. The victim was stabbed to death.

While reconstituting a dead finger with fabric softener, Cam and Booth discuss relationship issues and whether ot not Jack is okay after Angela shot down his marriage proposal. They are very cute in this scene. I wish they'd get back together. The victim turns out to be Carly Victor, celebrity chef. Brennan knew her--Carly was going to teach her how to cook. And apparently she made extra fabulous mac and cheese. A series of restaurant robberies provides a possible explanation. Then there are Carly's husband and their business partners, Dan and his girlfriend Abby. As it turns out, Abby is missing, as well.

Hodgins thinks the glowing is due to a phosphorescent bacteria that could be traced to sushi--sea urchin specifically. That seems like an awful lot of phosphorescence. How much of that stuff did she eat? Oh, it got into her bloodstream. Still seems a little fishy to me. (I'm really sorry I just said that.) The sushi clue takes them to Ernie, Carly's ex, who was teaching her to make sushi. But his knives don't match the wounds.

The next series of clues lead back to Dan, the husband, who took out a huge life insurance policy on his wife. Dan makes a bad move by attacking Booth when Booth confronts him with the evidence. Or maybe it was a good move, since it gave Booth the chance to be all badass and hot.

Hodgins goes to Booth again for advice about Angela, in a scene that ends with an awkward man hug. Booth decides he'd rather shoot things than discuss emotional issues with Hodgins.

Abby is found in the trunk of her own car, barely alive. She wakes up and says whoever attacked them was hiding in the back seat wearing a mask. The evidence on the body and in the car, however, doesn't add up. Carly suffered whiplash, and there is evidence of a sexual encounter in the back seat involving Carly and Ben. The murder, as it turns out, was a setup by Abby, because Carly was having an affair with Ben in the back seat of Abby's car. Dude, that's harsh. Also kind of obvious. That's two weeks in a row I've figured out the killer, and I'm generally kind of stupid that way.

In a charming coda, Hodgins uses phosphorescent fish-bacteria to not-propose to Angela. In response, Angela proposes to him. Hodgins accepts. In the meantime, Brennan cooks dinner for Booth--gourmet mac and cheese. Booth has an uncomfortably intimate moment with his dinner.

This was a pleasant episode, if a bit too predictable. I didn't have time to look at all the online clues, though I thought it was a cool idea. Did anybody guess the killer from the website information? If so, brag. If not, lie about it and brag anyway.

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