Friday, May 11, 2007

Jericho—Why We Fight

Okay, first off, I'm really confused already from the episode title because I keep expecting to see a submarine and David Boreanaz in a mock turtleneck. But I digress.

We open at a wedding, six years ago. It's Eric and April's wedding. Then we segue, abruptly and sneakily, to present day Jericho, where things are getting tenser. Jake is scruffy. Yes, scruffiness is always a plot point. They're planning how to stand up against New Bern, who's begun seizing farms. New Bern has a lot of people and a lot of trucks lined up to move in. Dude, Jericho is so screwed.

The story continues to cut between the wedding, six years ago, and the present. Jake and Eric, estranged at the wedding, work smoothly together, with obvious respect for each other, in the present. Heather's fate is revealed--she's found unconscious in a car wreck by a military contingent in Nebraska. Hawkins endangers himself by using his satellite feed to track New Bern's troops movements. Initially able to hold off New Bern's attack with a single mortar and the tank, Jericho faces greater odds in the next wave. Johnston falls in battle, leaving his sons to lead the town.

In the meantime, Heather, trying to help Jericho, calls in assistance from her rescuers in Camp Liberty, Nebraska, who are taking orders from the new Federal government in Cheyenne, Wyoming. But the help she secures proves to be the former head of Homeland Security, who's gunning for Hawkins.

With Jake and Eric left in charge, Mayor Gray shuffled back to town for his own protection, and help arriving from quarters who do not have Jericho's best interests at heart, the season ends on a cliffhanger.

Dammit. They'd better hope they get a renewal now.

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