Monday, March 5, 2007


This week, we return to the more standard Heroes structure, with multiple storylines running at once. Just about everybody got airtime tonight, as well as major progression of their storylines, with the exception of Matt, who got airtime but not much of a storyline. While I didn't find this episode as emotionally involving as last week's, it was still quite good, with some intense bits and some great twists and revelations.

In Las Vegas, Hiro finally manages to find his way to Linderman's gallery. With some unexpected help from Ando, he acquires the sword. Just as they're about to be apprehended by security, Hiro uses his powers to teleport himself and Ando out of the gallery. But his powers are a bit off again, and they arrive on the roof of Isaac's building--in the future, post-kaboom.

Claire is traveling with the Haitian, who's taking her out of the country. Claire doesn't like this idea and slips her leash, so to speak, in the airport. Leaving the Haitian behind, she heads for New York looking for Peter. Instead she finds Mrs. Petrelli. But the Haitian is there, as well--apparently the "higher power" he answers to isn't Eric Roberts guy, but Mrs. Petrelli.

The FBI shows up at Nathan's, ostensibly to talk to him about illegal campaign contributions from the Linderman Group, but actually to discuss the setup they're arranging in Las Vegas. Nathan's been working with the FBI since his wife's accident, gathering incriminating evidence against Linderman. In the meantime, Jessica's heading for Vegas, as well, with her assignment to assassinate Nathan. She kills the FBI agents. When Nathan comes to meet Linderman, he's met by Jessica instead--except Niki has managed to take over again, and warns him that Linderman knows what Nathan is up to, and that if Linderman offers him a deal, he has to take it. Nathan determines to kill Linderman. He goes ahead with his meeting. Linderman is in the kitchen making pot pies. He's also Malcolm McDowell, in another interesting cameo. Nathan withdraws a gun to kill Linderman. No pot pie for you. Linderman's deal is to make Nathan politically powerful, only a step away from the presidency. So Nathan has to work that one out between now and April 23rd.

Peter and Isaac are devastated by Simone's death, until Simone walks in alive and well just as the police come to investigate an anonymous tip about the shooting. But it turns out not to be Simone at all--it's Candace, a shapeshifter in the employ of the company.

Bennet can't remember anything after bringing his wife home from the hospital. Mrs. Bennet, however, remembers everything, including a lot she shouldn't, claiming Mr. Bennet told her to remember. Bennet plans with his wife to keep Claire safe from the company. But it turns out it's not Mrs. Bennet at all, but Candace, the shapeshifter. I might have been confused about the timeline here, but it seemed like at least part of the Simone plotline meant Candace would have had to have been in two places at once on at least one occasion to pull this off. And what's happened to Mrs. Bennet? Did they spirit her off somewhere? Kill her? I guess it'll be a while before we know.

Sylar and Mohinder continue their partnership, conferring over the list. But then Mohinder drugs Sylar with chai tea. Sylar, dude, Mohinder's totally on to you. Turning all badass, Mohinder tortures Sylar with a tuning fork. He says Sylar is a parasite, and that he can't really control his powers. Sylar taunts Mohinder, saying he knows things about Mohinder's father. Dr. Suresh used Sylar to create his formula--Sylar is Patient Zero. Mohinder takes some spinal fluid without benefit of anesthesia and isolates four genes as the basis of the mutations that allow powers to develop. Sylar begs to be released. Mohinder shoots him, but Sylar controls the bullet so it doesn't hit him. He releases himself from where Mohinder has tied him to a chair for whacky bondage/torture fun. Things don't look too happy for Mohinder.

Peter arrives looking for Mohinder and finds the place trashed. Mohinder is stuck to the ceiling and dripping blood all over Peter but oddly is not wearing a white nightgown, nor is he on fire. Sylar grabs Peter and begins to slice open his head. It's about time Peter got his damn hair cut.

And now Heroes enters hiatus until April 23rd. Dude, that sucks out loud.

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