Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jericho—Heart of Winter

The residents of Jericho continue to struggle with the demands of winter, with depleting supplies and increasing cold. While Hawkins and Sarah prepare to meet up with a colleague, Jake, Stanley and Mimi go on a hunting trip. They run across signs of a vast migration of people heading south to escape the bitter temperatures. Things outside Jericho are looking pretty grim, especially after the hunting team is attacked by a group of strangers and Stanley and Jake are badly injured. Hawkins and Sarah find their colleague, who just contacted them the day before, two days dead. Apparently this covert government operation--or whatever it proves to be--has been infiltrated. They work to recover what information they can from the computers at the checkpoint and discover their team is being methodically eliminated. Worse, Hawkins and Sarah appear to be next in line--except it appears Sarah is playing for the wrong team.

In the meantime, Emily and Roger continue to re-bond as they tend to the refugees.

I thought this was one of the better episodes of this show. It had a little bit of everything--apocalyptic grimness, danger, dead people, intrigue, near-death confessions, and not a lot of domestic melodrama and not a lot of Eric--both pluses in my book. Maybe that's mean, but Eric's storyline tends to annoy me. Oh, and Jake was all vulnerable and weepy, which is hot. So far I'm interested in the direction Hawkins' story is going, although I hope they answer a few more questions soon, as I'm a bit confused as to whether he's a good guy or a bad guy. I know I'm probably supposed to be confused about that, but I'd like some clarification soon, please. And I liked Sarah's little twist at the very end.

Next week Bones returns, so I'll be returning to my regular Bones reviews, with comments on Jericho as time allows.

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