Sunday, March 4, 2007

TV Tie-Ins—Spike: Asylum

Written by Bryan Lynch, art by Franco Urru.

Another five-issue comic book series from IDW, Spike: Asylum gives us a story outside the central focus of the post-series Angel comic books. Spike is hired to find a missing half-demon girl, who's been taken to Mosaic Wellness Center, a sort of paranormal mental hospital where folks with abilities or origins beyond the norm are rehabilitated. As it turns out, though, it's a trap. The girl Spike's supposed to "rescue" is actually already dead--Spike killed her. Spike's been maneuvered into entering Mosaic as retribution. And it looks like it's going to work, as most of the inmates have heard of him--and want him dead.

I enjoyed this series. Spike saves the day without seeming overly non-Spike-like, and the twists and turns here aren't too obvious, and overall the story works. Of the Spike-centric comics released so far, this one's probably my favorite.

Issue One
Issue Two
Issue Three
Issue Four
Issue Five