Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blood Ties—Heart of Ice/Heart of Fire

Vicky's latest case involves homeless people, who are being stalked by some sort of infrared-seeing growly monster. At the same time, Mike investigates a case where several women have had their throats ripped out. He suspects Henry.

The growly monster proves to be a Wendigo (or Windigo, as it says on Coreen's research book). Anyway, this should be easy--Coreen's already helped Sam and Dean off one of those last season on Supernatural when she was Haley. (Honestly, this coincidence cracks me up. Unless they did it on purpose. In which case it cracks me up more.)

Mike's investigations lead him to one Javier Mendoza, who presents Mike with evidence linking Henry to several deaths, including one in 1944, when he supposedly killed a woman named Delphine. As it turns out, he actually Turned her, and she's gone state's evidence, as it were, and given Henry up to Mendoza. Mendoza is with the church, and he's been hunting Henry.

Vicky and Henry try to take out the Wendigo with a flamethrower, but this doesn't work. In the ensuing Superhuman Being Smackdown, Henry loses. Mike arrives and, thanks to Coreen's research (see? told you), kills the Wendigo with silver bullets. And then turns Henry over to Mendoza, after "neutralizing" him with a sun-shaped artifact that adheres to Henry's chest and drains his vampire powers.

Heart of Fire

Vicky's not a bit happy about Mike's betraying Henry to Mendoza. They form an uncomfortable partnership to find the vampire.

In the meantime, Mendoza tortures Henry in gleefully sadistic fashion while Henry bleeds, bruises and burns quite prettily. We are treated to flashbacks to Henry's past and his first encounter with Mendoza while Vicky and the others try to track Henry down. Apparently Mendoza was a Grand Inquisitor in the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Why isn't he subjecting Henry to the Comfy Chair? And, more relevant to the actual plot, how is he still alive after three hundred years? It seems SeƱor Mendoza has been using a concoction made of vampire blood to make himself immortal so he can hunt vampires indefinitely.

In the meantime, Vicky and Mike find their way to first Delphine, who's incinerated by the sunrise before she can give them much information, then finally to Mendoza and Henry. Unfortunately, Vicky gets herself conked on the head and offered up to Henry as food. Henry tries to resist, but he's really hungry, darn it. He breaks his chains and goes after her, but Mike intervenes. Henry uses Mike like snack food. We all understand that to vampires biting is like sex, right? Okay, just checking. Henry puts an end to Mendoza's immortality offscreen. Vicky retrieves the vampire-taming sun device and keeps it. I wonder if she has plans for it in the future. Or maybe for that bondage rack. Hmm.

In "Heart of Ice," Henry is fairly forthright with Vicky about his true nature as a vampire. He's a bit more feral in some ways than other "good" TV vampires, and I like that. I also like that Vicky does finally seem to realize he's a danger, and that when Henry is hungry, even Vicky is just a Big Mac to him. He apparently has to be extra hungry, though, since it appears our Mr. Fitzroy has made some progress in controlling his baser bloodsucky urges. I wonder if he and Mike will get along a bit better now? They seemed to have reached some kind of uneasy truce by the end, but it's hard to say. That abrupt intimate encounter might just result in another messy break-up.

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