Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes—.07 Percent

Linderman and Nathan have a chat about Linderman's collection of Isaac's paintings. Linderman has some sort of healing capabilities--he can restore dead plants to life. That'd be mega useful around my house. He tells Nathan a bit about the previous generation of Heroes. He feels the destruction of New York would be a catalyst for change that will unite humanity in fear and hope blah blah, and that Nathan will serve as a rallying point. He also has a painting of Nathan in the White House.

Bennet is being held capitive at the paper company. Matt, also imprisoned, hears Bennet communicating with him telepathically from the next cell. Bennet tells Matt how to escape. When Matt gets out, he sends Matt to get Nuclear Ned. Ned is to make an electromagnetic pulse to blow out the power grid in the building. Right after the EMP, the US is put completely out of commission and becomes a third world country. Oh, wait, that's Dark Angel. Never mind. The EMP works as planned, and they meet up with Bennet in his cell. They all escape to a diner and discuss how to take out the tracking system in New York.

Back at Suresh's apartment, Suresh is still pinned to the ceiling and bleeding. Not on fire, though. I still think that's just wrong, cause there's a rule about being pinned to the ceiling and bleeding that says you also have to wear a white nightgown and be on fire. (I'll keep making that joke until I'm tired of it.) Sylar slices Peter's head open again--dude, it was gross enough the first time--but Peter heals almost immediately, thanks to his Claire-powers. A super mutant smackdown ensues. Sylar stabs Peter with telepathically flying shards of glass. Mohinder knocks Sylar out with a map frame. Sylar regains consciousness to find himself alone and his computer trashed--the list is no longer his to take. He finds Isaac's address on a piece of paper left behind. Mohinder contacts the paper company, thinking he'll get Bennet, but instead Thompson (aka Eric Roberts guy) comes to meet him. Thompson suggests he and Mohinder work together.

Claire chats with Grandma Petrelli. She's known about Claire since she was born. She's planning to send Claire to Paris to protect her from the "madness." Sounds like Grandma might be a mutie, too. Mohinder shows up with news of Peter's death. Claire finds Grandma weeping over Peter's body. Shouldn't Peter be miraculously healing right about now? Nathan returns to find Peter dead. Grandma says they need to hide it until after the election. Claire comes in and pulls the hunk of glass out of the back of Peter's head so he can heal up. Took them long enough. Now that Peter's un-dead--not undead like a vampire, but un-dead like, you know, alive--Nathan and Peter discuss whether he might be able to survive his own personal nuclear meltdown when New York bites the big one. Nathan chats with Claire. He wants to be there for her, but he can't because he needs to win the election. So Claire is off to Paris with Grandma for a week. Gee, thanks, Newly Discovered Dad.

Isaac packs up comic book pages to give to a messenger. He says they're the last ones, but doesn't elaborate. He gives the messenger his sketchbook. He has, of course, painted his own death. Sylar shows up at Isaac's studio. Isaac tells Sylar he's going to be stopped and killed. Sylar crucifies Isaac on his floor painting of New York, then kills him, much as he did earlier in the season. Sylar paints the future, with someone very different in the White House.

Jessica and DL have a spat. DL is getting ready to run with Micah to protect him. Linderman's suits show up to take Jessica for a meeting with Mr. Linderman. Linderman wants to "borrow" Micah to make use of his talent. Jessica refuses in no uncertain terms. That doesn't last long--next time we see Jessica, she's taking Micah out to meet Linderman, and sends him off. Except it's really Candace, who's stolen Micah right out from under Jessica's nose. That Candace is just a big pita.

Five yeras in the future, Hiro and Ando survey the ruins of New York City. Ando suggests they teleport back with the sword and fix things. Hiro wants to know what exactly went wrong, first, so they go searching for Issac to help them. In Isaac's studio, they find a timeline made up of hundreds of drawings and newspaper clippings, telling the history of the recent past/future. Past Hiro comes face to face with future Hiro.

This episode moved the story forward pretty substantially, comparatively, while also tying big chunks of storyline back to things we've seen in previous episodes--Isaac's death, future Hiro, etc. Sylar's monstrous White House painting makes me wonder if it's a picture of a different person as president, or a metaphorical picture of what Nathan will become in that office. And for some reason I really expected Hiro and Ando to meet up with Isaac in the studio, even though he was clearly dead in the previous scenes.

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