Friday, April 27, 2007

Jericho—One if By Land

Gray's attempts to protect the salt mine go sour when shots are fired, injuring several of the New Bern men and killing at least one. Gail and the others work to save whoever they can, while Johnston heads to New Bern with Dawson to fetch his sons.

Hawkins meets up with Ted at his hunting cabin. They form a plan to rescue Jake and Eric. If those boys don't get rescued at some point, it won't be from lack of trying.

Eric's in bad shape, emotionally. Jake is reunited with non-Marine Maggie in the prison. Eric's also in bad shape physically, largely because the New Bern folks keep torturing him for detailed information about Jericho's defenses. Maggie teams up with Hawkins and Ted after leading the cops to their hideout. Hawkins steals mortars from the factory while Maggie runs interference. And Hawkins blows the crap out of the factory.

Gray shows a vague trace of common sense by saying the New Bern wounded should be treated rather than imprisoned or punished. Johnston has a head-to-head confrontation with Constantino, who has a very different view of what's happened between Jericho and New Bern since the bombs went off. Constantino refuses to allow Johnston to see his boys.

Guns blazing, Hawkins moves in to rescue the Green brothers as they're being transferred to another location. He's shot, as is Maggie. But they all make it out of town. After the truck runs out of gas, they head for Jericho on foot. Maggie's in bad shape, and Hawkins doesn't think she'll make it.

Back in Jericho, Emily encourages Gail to be easier on Mary, who's brewing some effective antiseptic at her bar, while Dale and Skylar deal with fallout from their deal regarding the salt mine.

I think I've said before that I much prefer the more adventure-y episodes of this show to the more soap-opera-ey episodes, so I'm glad they've gone in the post-apocalyptic adventure direction for the last arc. It's still a little frustrating to have people talk about how "bad" it is in New Bern and elsewhere, without any really concrete examples. Actually, I have mixed feelings there, because really concrete examples would probably be too much. I do think they might be erring slightly on the side of caution, though.

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