Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Drive—No Turning Back

At the drive-in, the race participants watch a movie involving car chases. Following the movie is info on the next leg of the race. The next clue is "Surrender, America." And to mix things up, they're awarding a "jump start challenge" to the most improved driver.

Team Tully + Team Salazar: Tully wins the jumpstart challenge. Corinna is leery of it, but Tully is willing to take any advantage he can. Winston tails Tully and offers him a deal--they tail Tully now, he can follow them later. Tully's not keen on the deal and loses them, and they continue to the jumpstart address. It's a bank. To win the jumpstart advantage, they have to steal a safe deposit box from the bank. Tully's supposed to rob it. They go into the bank and check out the super secure vault, where they're supposed to steal the contents of a safe deposit box. Corinna thinks a team-up with Team Salazar might not be a bad idea under the circumstances, since Winston has experience in armed robbery. They chase down the Salazars and make a new proposition. (Okay, not to nitpick, but how the heck did they know where Sean and Winston had gotten off to?)

Winston and Tully have a difference of opinion on how to go about the bank robbery--Tully wants to be more sneaky-like, while Winston wants to do the full-on ski mask gun-pointing approach. Sean, on the other hand, has not only figured out the clue (the Civil War surrender at Appomattox), but also suggests they crack the manager's computer to get the code to break into the vault. This seems like a good plan to all involved. While Tully waits outside in the car and is again haunted by visions of his wife, Winston and Corinna are apprehended by a security guard. Tully intervenes and in the resulting fracas the security guard and Sean are both shot. By the time they get back to the car, Sean is bleeding profusely, possibly dying. They stop at a motel. Tully leaves Corinna and Winston at the motel and runs off with Sean for his "last chance." We won't find out what that means until next week.

Team Wendy: Someone is stalking Wendy's son, leading Sam's caretaker to call and request that Wendy come get Sam. Freaked out, Wendy pulls a U-turn in the middle of the highway and heads for Ohio. Ivy doesn't like this plan and pulls a gun on Wendy. Wendy's attempts to deal with Ivy get nowhere, because Ivy can't continue the race on her own. She doesn't know how to drive. Ivy, sweetie, did you not look at the name of this show before you signed on?

Team AWOL: Rob finally makes contact with his unit, only to discover he's officially AWOL. Ellie took it upon herself to destroy all the letters and erase all the phone messages telling Rob his unit was shipping back to Iraq. Now facing a court martial and possible execution through no fault of his own, Rob tosses the race phone out the window.

Team Susan: Arriving at the checkpoint a day late, Susan and Ivy are told they have been eliminated and must turn in their phone. Apparently Susan has been hearing God speak to her since Hurricane Katrina, and God told her she was going to win. Taking God at her word, Susan keeps driving until she finds Rob and Ellie's car to tail. When Rob tosses his phone, Susan retrieves it. Lee works out that they're supposed to head for Appomattox. Then a big truck drives them off the road (in a really nifty close inside-the-car POV crash sequence). And rams them. Dying, Susan reinterprets the messages from God as meaning Lee is going to win the race. Lee hitches a ride to Appomattox. This Lee is NOT going to surrender, dammit! (Yes, that line was cheesy enough to mock.)

A lot about this show is turning out to be a bit blander and cheesier than I expected, at least so far. But Nathan Fillion still hasn't really shaved, so I'll stick around for a while yet.

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