Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Dresden Files—What About Bob

This week we're treated to lots of flashbacks, fleshing out the story of Harry's past--his father's death, his uncle's murder. We even get to see Harry meet Bob for the first time, and some scenes of Harry's early magical training, under Bob's tutelage. Murdering his uncle with black magic was what got Harry into hot water with the High Council, and now we get to find out why. It's a nice addition to our hero's semi-tortured backstory. I like that Harry's kinda dark. Cause it makes him that much hotter.

In any case, our present day story starts with Harry in bed with some slinky brunette woman we don't know. Her name's Tara and she wears teeny black underpants. And she steals Bob's skull. We don't like her. But honestly we don't like anybody who wears teeny black underpants, even if they don't steal Bob.

Elsewhere, Murphy is brought in on a case--Justin Morningway, Harry's uncle. An anonymous caller has accused Harry of his murder. In the meantime, Murphy's suffering from headaches brought on by her possession.

Tara is in cahoots with Harry's Uncle Justin. Except isn't Uncle Justin dead? Cause he's awfully lively for a dead guy. But wait--he's a copy of Uncle Justin, created as a falesafe to bring him back from the dead. He's the anonymous caller, and is using Murphy to get Morningway's body exhumed so his body can be magically reanimated. He also has control of Bob, and offers Bob his mortality back in exchange for assistance with the resurrection. Of course, Harry has to die to make it work, but that's the way it goes.

I liked this episode quite a lot. It's good to see repercussions from earlier episodes--namely Murphy's possession in "The Boone Identity". Her flashbacks and nightmares from the incident lead to a well-played confrontation between her and Harry, in which Harry is willing to tell her the truth but she is unwilling to accept it. I liked the explanation of Justin's "murder"--Harry used black magic, and did things he shouldn't have, but in the end the actual murder wasn't entirely on purpose. I also liked that Bob is just edgy enough that I believed his acceptance of Morningway's deal, and wasn't entirely sure he was going to come through in the end, but of course he did, sacrificing his newfound mortality to save Harry.

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