Friday, April 6, 2007

Jericho—One Man's Terrorist

Still facing the problem of short rations, Mayor Gray decides to banish the refugees to a nearby FEMA camp. A riot ensues. The refugees barricade themselves inside the church. Sheriff Bill and the mayor decide to use tear gas, against the protests of Johnston and the reverend. The tear gas causes the refugees stampeded out of the church, trampling one of their own in the process. A confrontation between Roger and Gray leads to Roger's accidentally shooting Gray. Desperate, Roger uses Gray's life as a bargaining chip. In the end, Gail intercedes with a last-minute compromise involving the entire town, but Roger's actions have doomed him to banishment.

Dale and Skylar continue to steal his promised share of the crops from the farmers who have refused to hand it over. The farmers aren't happy about it, and show up in town to reclaim their gas. Dale, however, has enlisted some new employees from among the refugees.

Hawkins continues to communicate with Sarah's contact via her communications device. He sets up a meeting and uses his sneaky-tude to bug the truck that meets him. He goes back and uses his sneaky-tude to see Alison. Back at home, he's collecting all his information on a corkboard, trying to put together the pieces to find out who Sarah was affiliated with. Through the computer, he hooks into a satellite feed to spy on them, then accesses another satellite to spy on his family. Which was much more touching than creepy.

With the refugee situation settled, the town listens to news on the radio in the bar. Jimmy grows a brain cell when he hears about the terrorists using fake FBI badges, and appears to make the connection to Hawkins.

The ending to this ep seemed a bit too easy to me. Regardless of Gail's compromise, there's still not enough food in Jericho to feed everybody, so I doubt that issue will go away any time soon. Her response was poignant, though, especially when she decided to donate April's things to the refugees. I expected everything to blow up at the end, though, with Bill taking the shot at Roger when Roger let Jake go, but he didn't.

Dale's crusade to keep the store running is heroic and understandable, but I can't help thinking it'll get him killed just like Gracie. And I think Hawkins is about to get busted.

Jericho on iTunes:
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Gary Jules with Michael Andrews--Mad World. This is apparently a cover of a song originally by Tears for Fears. Unless somebody else did it before they did...
Gary Jules with Michael Andrews - Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets - Mad World